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Modular & Luxury Kitchens in Delhi

Redefine your Kitchen at Affordable Prices

With the growing trend, everyone is transforming their kitchen into modular kitchens that are more organized and even make your kitchen look well equipped if it is small area wise. Modular kitchens are designed for your convenience and to make your kitchen more functional. Modular kitchens don’t take much time as earlier, renovation of kitchens were used to take. They can be easily installed, maintained and even repaired if in case, any of its accessories get damaged. If you are looking for the modular kitchens in Delhi, you can avail the services from PluschLiving that offers the various types of modern kitchens.

Types of modular kitchens you can design with us:

      Straight modular kitchen: This design is specially beneficial for smaller kitchens as with this design, one wall kitchen can be designed. This design offers the proper utilization of the space so that you can even place your larger appliances in a well managed way.
      L-Shaped modular kitchen: This design occupies the kitchen as its name suggests, i.e. it covers only the two adjoining walls of the kitchen. Longer wall out of the two walls is faced by room and a triangle shape design is maintained. Three points of the triangle cover refrigerator, sink and stove.
      U-Shaped modular kitchen: If your kitchen is more spacious, then U-shaped modular kitchen design is best for you. This design occupies all the three adjacent walls of the kitchens with offering great storage with enough space to work in the kitchen. This kitchen is designed in such a way that even two people can work together in the kitchen.
      G-shaped modular kitchen: It is the advanced version of the U-shaped modular kitchen and useful for the larger families by providing enough space so that many people can work together in the kitchen designed in the shape of G alphabet.

Variety of modular kitchen finishes, we provide:

      Acrylic finish: To provide a glossy look to your kitchen, get Acrylic finish for your kitchen. It is not affected by the UV rays and moisture.
      Veneer finish: To give your kitchen an appealing look, choose Veneer finish that gives best visual effects.
      Stainless steel finish: To give your kitchen a stainless steel finish, choose this finish as it is long lasting and economical.

Looking for the best modular kitchen in Delhi? If yes, then you must contact us as we offer the latest modular kitchen designs in Delhi and luxury kitchens in Delhi.

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